Heal Your Heart Chakra

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If you are looking to clear, balance, open, and activate your heart chakra then this short video is for you! Implementing any of the following items into your daily meditation, practice, ritual, or sacred space will greatly enhance the healing process of your heart. Items like rose quartz crystals, dried pink/red rose petals, palo santo smudging, white roses (for spiritual clearing), and honeysuckle flowers are all great for the heart chakra. Green candles added to your ritual represents the heart chakra’s energetic body. Playing the sound healing frequency 528 mhz in the background will also help keep lower level energies away and stabilize your emotions.

It is important to take care of your soul, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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May you be blessed and at peace.

Video By: Katherine Siobhan - Psychic Reader & Spiritual Healer


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