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What Is A Green Witch


A Green Witch is an individual who works with the elements of nature to bring in magical, healing energy up from the earth. Practitioners of the green craft are drawn to working with the natural materials and energies. Green Witches love working with herbs, crystals, and other items that our beautiful earth creates. A Green Witch loves making crafts, growing plants, and being out in nature. They understand the importance of honoring the earth and the cycles of nature. Green Witches are drawn to all things green. These practitioners are often skilled herbalists and love to garden as part of their practice. They have a green thumb and can grow just about anything!


Green Witchcraft | Blog
 A witch is not a bad or evil thing; like society, individuals, or religions, portray or believe it to be. A Green Witch often follows an earth-based spiritually. These individuals are on a path of discovering their connection with nature and being one with all things.This path is about discovering a more easy, natural way of living and being. A Green Witch is often dedicated to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. To a witch all natural places are sacred. 
If any of these beliefs and hobbies are things you are into, you might just be a green witch. :) 

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