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Psychic Readings In Sedona, Arizona At Green Witch Creations

Our Holistic Healing Services in Sedona, AZ

Psychic Readings (Phone or In-Store)

Psychic Readings are great for gaining insight, clarity, and new perspectives about your relationships, finances, career, life purpose, love life, and so much more. If you are struggling in life or need answers and guidance we are here for you. We work attentively and tirelessly to help guide you through life’s challenges. 

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Aura Photography

An AURA is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, encompasses and permeates the body as well as all living things. The colors and patterns within this energy field constitute a blueprint (the results of the energy we radiate from our feelings, thoughts, and physical being). Until recently, Aura’s were only seen by the special few who had a gift to see the rainbow of colors.

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Palmistry & Palm Reading

Palm reading is an ancient art that was very precious to the Babylonians, and it took a history of piousness, wisdom, and study to be able to successfully achieve the level of wisdom required to be a palm reader. 

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Hypnotherapy helps people who are stressed or struggling with life; to be more relaxed, at ease, and peaceful. So they can live happy, free, fulfilling, lives. Hypnosis will help you discover balance in mind, body, and spirit and help you achieve total freedom in your life.

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Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki is an energy medicine therapy from Japan. Katherine Siobhan connects to universal life force energy (rei ki) and directs this healing energy from the hands into the body. A calming experience for the senses designed to restore and provide relaxation. The goal of energy healing and wellness is to reduce stress, anxiety, and balance energy flow in the client.  Energy healing is also referred to as alternative medicine and is based on the belief that vital energy flows through the physical body.
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Mediumship is making connections with and delivering messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are. Practitioners are known as "mediums" or "spirit mediums". Mediums receive information primarily and directly from the dead, spirit guides and angels. here are different types of mediumship or channelling trance. A medium is a person who Spiritualists believe is able to see, hear or sense beings in the spirit world, and who carries messages from the spirit world to this world.

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Charm Casting

Charm casting is an ancient old tool to predict and present in different areas of life. It is a cleromancy divination where small items of significance are tossed onto an area and where they lay deciphers and uncovers the conscious and subconscious efforts in the way of decision making or successes. In ancient times, charms were primarily made of wood or stones, today they are the same except with added today’s day and age trinkets of pendants, clay, construction hardware and other items symbolic and relevant to today.

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Spell Casting

An incantation, a spell, a charm, an enchantment or bewitchery, is a magical formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or objects. The formula can be spoken, sung or chanted. An incantation can also be performed during ceremonial rituals or prayers. In the world of magic, incantations are said to be performed by wizards, witches, and fairies.

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Crystal Therapy

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Readings that are performed over the phone will include crystal grids to hold the intention for the client. Crystals do this by positively interacting with your body's energy field, or chakras. While some crystals are said to alleviate stress, others purportedly improve concentration or creativity. 

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Astrology Charts

Join our team as they introduce you to use Astrology as another spiritual tool! We will focus on the Zodiac Signs placement in each of the Planets, their house placement, what that means and how each Energy can be used in your every day life. You will understand how the Planets Energies have an affect in the world and how you can utilize that wisdom to better your life or get back on track.

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Sedona Hiking Tours

We offer healing tours at the Stupa, a Buddhist outdoor temple, in Sedona, Arizona. On this tour our guides show you how to heal in your mind, body, and spirit all while connecting with the natural healing energies from nature. All of our guides are certified professionals. On this tour we will teach you the ways of the Buddha nature and spirituality. We will guide and teach you how to connect with all the elements in nature, wildlife, and plant life. We are dedicated helping you discover your true and authentic selves in this process. We offer a spiritual clearing ceremony along with a guided chakra clearing meditation that will leave you feeling clear, relaxed, free, and joyful.

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