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Charm Casting in Sedona, Arizona | Green Witch Creations

Sessions Available in Sedona, Arizona At Our Store Location or Via Phone, Skype, or FaceTime.

Daily From 10am-7pm Mountain Time

  • 15 mins: $50
  • 30 mins: $85
  • 45 mins : $120
  • 1 Hour: $150
  • Couple: $20 extra per session


Charm casting is an ancient old tool to predict and present in different areas of life. It is a cleromancy divination where small items of significance are tossed onto an area and where they lay decipherers and uncovers the conscious and subconscious efforts in the way of decision making or successes. In ancient times, charms were primarily made of wood or stones, today they are the same except with added today’s day and age trinkets of pendants, clay, construction hardware and other items symbolic and relevant to today. Charm casting in readings often relay underlying or hidden truths that remain unseen by the sitter, or sitters and often reveal themselves in many beneficial ways. Amanda Grace offers this service in person or over the phone.

Amanda Grace | Charm Casting | Green Witch Creations
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All sessions are performed at our shop location or via phone, Skype, or FaceTime.