Heather | Psychic Reader in Sedona, Arizona

Heather | Psychic, Astrologer, & Aura Photography Sedona Arizona


  • Abilities: Claircognizant, Mental Medium, Clairsentient, Clairauident, Higher Self Channeling, Automatic Writing, & Empath
  • Topics: Energy blocks, relationships, trauma, shadow integration, dark night of the soul, spiritual guidance
  • Tools: Hermetic Tarot, Thoth Tarot, & Oracle Cards.
  • Experience: 2+ years


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Hi! I'm Heather, triple Aquarius with a stellium in Sagittarius. I was born extrasensory, often having prophetic dreams, visions, and contact with the spirit realm - but for more than a decade, I was caught in a web of energy blocks, trauma, and PTSD that made every day a living hell, and I forgot how good life could truly be. My gifts came back online about 4 years ago when I remembered how to access my own inner ability to heal and transmute the energy that was keeping me stuck. I made a promise to myself that if I figured out how to heal, I'd share that knowledge with anyone I came across who needed it. Because of the path I've walked, I have developed the ability to see and understand the root cause of persistent issues and patterns that are keeping you stuck - in love, career, finances, or life in general - while helping you identify your blocks and see a clear path forward. I excel at shadow integration, emotional transmutation, making sense out of the Dark Night of the Soul, and finding the answer to the question "Why?". I am primarily claircognizant, receiving direct downloads from the higher realms. I am also a trained herbalist, professional chef of nearly 2 decades, incredibly knowledgable in nutrition, and have studied both NLP and hypnotherapy extensively. My belief system revolves heavily around Hermeticism, and my readings are often intense and unconventional - but if you are drawn to work with me, you will get the clarity you're seeking.