Jamie Hosac | Psychic Reader & Astrology Readings


Jamie Hosac | Psychic Reader & Aura Photography Sedona, Arizona


  • Abilities: Intuitive. 
  • Topics: Spirituality, Astrology, Healing, & More.
  • Tools: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, & Astrology Charts.
  • Experience: 2+ years.


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Jamie is an intuitive reader who has been drawn to spiritually since she was very young. She practices her gifts and tools with high integrity, non-judgement and a desire to guide others on their highest and most fulfilled path. Jamie uses the tarot, oracle, as well as astrology as a tool to help align you with your highest joy and most aligned self. She sees it as a tool of healing and awareness from divine rather than “fortune telling” because she believes in free will and the ability to change ones directory at any given moment. These tools do, although, pick up on what energies are manifesting in ones life, and what to do about that, and this is what she helps with. In her astrology practice, she goes deep into your natal chart, which is worlds beyond knowing ones sun sign placement. It shows a picture of the sky from the exact time and place you were born, giving you placements of all planets and other points in space that mean very specific, individualized and important factors in ones life. These placements show you where your soul purpose lies, your emotional needs, how your mind processes work, what you desire in love, how you will find the best fulfillment in work, and so much more.