LOiVE Turner | Psychic Reader & Love Coach

Loive | Psychic Reader & Healer | Green Witch Creations Sedona, Arizona


In The Question Is Both The Answer & Opportunity
  • Abilities: Empath, Intuitive, Mystic,  Priestess And Chakra Awareness
  • Topics: Self-LOVE, Empowerment, Shadow & Past Life Play, Wholistic Alchemy, Sacred Union & Birth And More
  • Tools: Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards And Charms
  • Experience: 5+ years

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Bliss and congratulations on being aware and seeking... you have now connected with some of the Sedona's preeminent readers.  I am LOiVE (Living LOVE) as We ALL Are. And I am truly honored and blessed to be a living example of the female Aquarian Age of enlightenment & LOVE. As a natural born and planetary sensitive empath, intuitive, Inspirer and Priestess I was divinely guide to began my "Spiritual Journey" very early in life and against great odds. My journey has been a delicious marriage of extensive life experiences including a dark night of the Soul and Kundalini Awakening with passionate and deep studying of a vast array of sciences related human to development and progression,  including human ecology, psychology, sociology, neurobiology, nutrition and birth. I am also blessed to have studied and lived most religions, spiritual sciences and cultures.
I sprinkle all my readings with the sweet Magik of my vast knowledge and wisdom. As a being, I celebrate being an expression, example & affirmation of LOiVE. Sources Unique Dream Song.  And approach ALL of life as a DanSENSEing Child, Divine Mother, Progressive Scientist and Humble Mystic.
As a reader, my goal is to be the most open, authentic and pure channels of light for the messages to flow to you from your higher self. Thanx and I look forward to sharing and growing with you.