Onya Sophia | Psychic, Energy Healer & Nameologist in Sedona, Arizona

Onya Sophia | Psychic Readings Green Witch Creations Sedona, Arizona


“You want to make God Laugh….Tell Her your plans!”
  • Services: Psychic Readings, Nameology, Couples Readings, Chakra and Karma Akashic Records Clearing, Past Life Readings, Charm Casting, Stupa Tours, and Life Coaching.
  • Abilities: Intuitive, Empath, Entity Removal, Shamanic Energy Healer,  Animal and Spirit Communicator, Mystic, and Ascension Accelerator.
  • Topics: Life Path Mapping, Love life, Spiritual Healing, Career, Finance, and Life. Name Changes. Ascension Symptoms and Awakening Gifts.
  • Tools: Tarot, Oracle Cards, and Charms.
  • Experience: Over 40 Years. 
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Onya is a uniquely gifted, intuitive, spiritual counselor and healer. She has assisted thousands of people in navigating through all of life’s challenges and has been doing so for over 40 years. She utilizes your name and finds your personal blueprint in combination with the sharing of divine messages from your higher self and your guides. She is an empath (feeler), Clairaudient (hears your guides and messages) and claircognizant (knower of truth – means she gets immediate answers). She also utilizes Tarot and Oracle cards along with Light Language codes to assist you when guided to do so in your session. Onya assists people on their path of Ascension. She can aid you in removing past life emotional, mental, physical and all trauma attached to those blockages that are keeping you from being in alignment with the best version of yourself. Onya is a Graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, AZ, where she received her certifications in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Holistic Wellness. Namaste.