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Palm reading is an ancient art that was very precious to the Babylonians, and it took a history of piousness, wisdom, and study to be able to successfully achieve the level of wisdom required to be a palm reader. 

In ancient times palm reading was a custom, it was mostly done when a person was in a hard place in life or even on a regular basis sometimes. Very often before making a decision the individual(s) would go to visit a palm reader. The idea was that gods and stars; heavenly bodies and sacred bodies, together determined a palm reading.

In ancient times all kinds of guidance were sought from the stars and planets. They showed direction, they taught history, and they told the future. In the present day, it is still taken seriously to a certain extent. However, due to advancement in science and technology, the fame and reputation have died down that it once had.


The main 4 lines are the Life Line, the Head Line, the Heart Line, and the Destiny or Fate Line.

The Life-Line corresponds to an individual‘s physical health, mental vitality, and to the changes, he or she can expect to encounter in life.

The Head-Line corresponds to intellectual faculties, creativity, logic, communication, and the acquisition of knowledge.

The Heart-Line corresponds to a person’s love-life, emotions, cardiovascular health, mood swings, and state-of-mind.

The Fate/Destiny Line is also sometimes called the Luck Line, and indicates a person’s degree of autonomy, and how well they control their life.

There are many other different types of lines as well that a palm reader can use to tell you about yourself. Your hand shape also will reveal information about your lifestyle, relationships, work, and more.

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