Rowen Mikodah | Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Aura Healing, & More

Rowen Mikodah | Psychic Reader, Aura Healing, Tarot Readings, & More in Sedona, Arizona


  • Services: Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings, Aura Photography, Astrology Readings, Shamanic and Aura healing. 
  • Abilities: Somatic Intuitive, Earth Whisperer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Claircognizant. 
  • Topics: Connecting to and Becoming your Authentic Self, Manifestation, Health, Chronic Illness, Career, Relationships, Love, Healing / Post Traumatic Growth, Channeling the inner child, Shamanism and herbalism with plant spirit work, and Vortexes/ Nature based healing. 
  • Tools:  Psychic Reading, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Tarot
  • Experience: 7 + years experience 

I am a big believer that healing is the process of becoming who we really are. My name is Rowen and I am a gentle guide with a lot of experience as a practitioner. However, my real wisdom comes from my own devotion to self- and soul-retrieval having “done the work” so to speak, on my own medicine journey. I offer tarot and channeling as a tool for self reflection, self realization and inspiration. My hope is to help others see themselves more clearly - with greater love and courage to make decisions aligned with their own unique path of becoming. A former registered psychotherapist and somatic energy healing practitioner of nine years, I have a unique grounded insight into the nature of choice, healing and personal growth. I understand the complexity of the dark night of the soul — and the brilliant gifts of grace and joy that come with integrating, surrendering and emerging from it.  It was through my own journey of healing life-threatening illnesses that I awoke extrasensory gifts and discovered I could easily access complex realms of understanding by anchoring into my higher, or Authentic Self. With many years of study and training in many shamanic and healing modalities (including a background as a registered psychotherapist, training at the Boulder Psychic Institute, Mayan shamanism, intuitive plant spirit work, chakra healing, entity removal, Earth Whispering, Complex Trauma Resolution, Parts therapy healing, Reiki, EFT, etc.) I believe that the most important modality and greatest teacher is what life is reflecting back to us. I also believe tarot and psychic healing is intended to illuminate what you already know, who you already are and the power of your creation. To be seen and to receive greater self understanding from a reading is to awaken into the responsibility of our own destiny. My hope Is that with a reading you grasp the beautiful story that is alone yours to write … or rewrite … as you discover the gift that you uniquely are.