Traci Miller - Psychic & Reiki Therapist - Green Witch Creations Sedona, Arizona

Traci Miller | Psychic Reader at Green Witch Creations in Sedona, ArizonaTRACI MILLER (CHESHIRE)

  • Services: Psychic Readings, Reiki, & Sound Healing
  • Abilities:  Intuitive Healer & Clairsentient.
  • Topics:  Clearing Blockages & Spiritual Healing
  • Tools:  Tarot Cards & Sound Bowls
  • Experience: Over 15 Years

 Traci is a gifted psychic and tarot card reader. She has the ability to connect with ancestors, angels, and guides. Traci offers compassionate communication to assist you in clearing blockages and bringing clarity to life's questions that will help you on your path to greater freedom, joy, and wisdom. Traci is also an intuitive healer trained in Usui, Karuna Reiki and sound healing. With an extensive background in natural holistic medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition and aromatherapy she can assist you in creating a healthier lifestyle and spiritual practice.

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