Witchcraft 101 Workshop Online Course

Witchcraft 101 Online Workshop


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This 8-Week educational course will teach a solid foundation on Modern Witchcraft and Wicca for those new to the craft or who are looking to expand on their current practice. You will discover with this program how to utilize crystals, herbs, candles, cauldrons, and more to create positive changes in your life. This guide will also dispel the many misunderstandings and false truths that surround contemporary Witchcraft. Discover the answers you seek and how to utilize these timeless rituals, spells, and more for all types of situations and life events.

Available 7 Days A Week From 9:00a-7:00p Arizona Time
Classes are 1 Hour, once per week in an Online or In Person.
Each week the client will also receive a follow up 15 minute
Intuitive Reading and guided exercise to facilitate the learning


  • WEEK 1: History, Mythology, & Ritual Tools
  • WEEK 2: Days of Power & Proper Timing
  • WEEK 3: Discernment of Power & Ethics
  • WEEK 4: Ceremony, Covens, & Initiations
  • WEEK 5: Casting a Circle & Sacred Space
  • WEEK 6: The Art of Protection Magic
  • WEEK 7: Crystal Divination & Tarot Magic
  • WEEK 8: PSYCHIC WITCH: What’s your intuitive language?


Katherine Siobhan | Witchraft 101 Online Workshop | Green Witch Creations
“This is a beautiful spiritual practice I truly believe anyone can master. I consider it an honor to be of service."

Blessed Be ~ Katherine Siobhan