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100% Natural Rose Quartz Stone Polished Engraved Rune Symbols Lettering 25pcs

The engraving on these stones are the ancient elder Futhark runes, which are the eldest known runic alphabet, makes this set perfect for Wiccans and Pagans as each stone has magical properties. The use of runes in daily life just like as literary inscription, which also been applied to decorations and buildings, in addition, Ancient European monks who see it as a tool to communicate with the gods, but now, when people are in the meditation,they will grab a rune and as a answer.

Rose Quartz-from romantic love to self-love,love of family and love for life. It helps you to access worldly love while you meditate on how to spread your love through acts of selflessness.


Material: 100% natural Rose Quartz crystal

Stones are approx 0.9″x0.8″x0.2″(approx 24x20x5mm)

The weight: Approx 170g (approx 6 oz)

Condition: New

Package: Will come with one random color Bag

Process: Polished

Item type: Rune stones

Condition: New

Use: For reiki healing, energy balance, home decor, fortune telling and fengshui

You will get the similar shown in the picture. Please make sure that you can accept color difference before you placed the order.


How Do Runes Work?

When you cast the runes, itโ€™s not fortune-telling. The idea behind the way that runes work is that, as you ask a question or think about an issue, your conscious and unconscious minds are focused. When the runes are cast in front of you, theyโ€™re not totally random, but are choices that have been made by your subconscious.


What Can I Ask The Runes About?

Some people using runes believe you should only ask about issues, whereas others regard it as fine to ask questions. Whichever method you use, keep your question or issue clearly in your mind as you cast your runes.

Remember thatโ€™s doing a rune reading is not about seeing the future or definitive answers. Itโ€™s about looking for possible causes and effects and seeing potential problems.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in





Feng Shui

Main material

Rose Quartz

Item type

Palm Stones

Item Process





Approx 24x20x5mm




Pink mixed


Rune symbols




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