1pc Printed Flower of Life/Metatron’s Cube/Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids Altar Cloth For Stones Decor


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  • Style 1 : The Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth has the sacred flower of life symbol printed on it. The flower of life symbol is an ancient symbol that holds deep spiritual meaning and enlightenment energies.(CRYSTALS NOT INCLUDED)

  • Style 2 : Printed Seed of Life Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Altar Cloth

  • Style 3 : Printed Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid Altar Cloth

  • Made of very thick and durable Cloth, and the printing on the cloth is very well printed. Grid Size Details:35cm x 35mm (13.78″x13.78″), weight:21g/pc , the Pattern Size : Approx. 21*21cm .

  • A grid can be used for a simple goal like enhancing your sleep quality to something more elaborate – like World Peace! The combinations are endless, depending only on your purpose for the grid. Whatever your intention, the crystal grid is an effective use of crystal energy when done with your clean intention.

  • The grid cloth is ideal for creating any type of grid you would like! It could be for meditation, peace within your home, creativity, positive energy, enhancing your sleep quality—the possibilities are endless. When you are choosing your crystals, make sure you choose ones that are aligned with your intention and overall goal.

  • You can make your grid on a tray or movable surface, or place it on a spot where you know it will not be disturbed. Some people secure the stones to the surface with a non-permanent adhesive like silly putty or rubber cement to keep the stones in place. When you are finished using the grid, you can return the stones to the earth or any natural water source, or keep them for another use later. Be sure to cleanse the stones before using them again.

Notice: Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.

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Weight 0.06 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in

Feng Shui



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1x Crystal Grid Cloth )

Crystal Grid Cloth Size

Approx. 34*34.5cm

Cloth Style

Flower of Life / Metatron's Cube / Seed of Life

Pattern size

Approx. 21*21cm

Feature 1

Grids Altar Cloth


Very thick and durable Cloth


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