100g Natural Raw Blue Azurite Rough Mineral Healing Original Stone Specimen Natural Crystal


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100g Natural Raw Blue Azurite Rough Mineral Healing Original Stone Specimen

Weight: 100g

Size: 20-30mm

Package include: 3-5pcs (random)

Crystal Gravel Usage:

1. Crystal pillow: Usually a crystal pillow would need about 6 kgs of crystal gravels, and you can use white crystal, pink rose crystal,amethyst crystal,etc.It will make you more cool and help to sleep in the summer.

2. Foot Massage: Crystal gravel are also used for foot massage, and it will be very comfortable and can will be a good health magnetic therapy way.

3. Home Decoration: If you packed these crystal gravel by a beautiful container or yarn bag and place them next to television, computer, it will make you or family members to avoid radiation damage.

4. Cultivated plants: If crystal gravel placed in potted plants, it will make plants grow healthy lush and vibrant.

5. Fish Tank : Place crystal gravel in the tank, not only enjoyable, but also to maintain water quality magnetization clean, let the fish healthy growth.

6. Jewelry: You can DIY necklace or bracelet or ring you like by polishing these stones.

7. Can be used for indoor metope, stage face plate, outdoor metope, ground outdoor and so on..


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