Charm Casting

Charm Casting in Sedona, Arizona

Charm casting, or intuitively drawing charms, works much like tarot and other forms of divination. Charms are symbols, which means they hold special meaning and bear intuitive messages when used in divination. 

It is an ancient old tool to predict and represent different areas in life. It is a cleromancy divination where small items of significance are tossed onto an area or mat and where they lay deciphers and uncovers the conscious and subconscious efforts in the way of decision making or successes. In ancient times, charms were primarily made of wood or stones, today they are the same except with added today’s day and age trinkets of pendants, clay, construction hardware and other items symbolic and relevant to today.

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Inside Sacajawea Plaza

301 AZ 89A STE D.

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Daily 10am-8pm

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