Women's Wellness Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Transform, Empower, and Heal Your Life

This retreat is focused around healing, spirituality, and holistic Women's wellness. You will learn how to heal in mind, body, and spirit and to empower yourself in this one of a kind retreat. This retreat is located in the beautiful canyon in Sedona, Arizona in a very private and secluded area in the forest with creek access. We will be facilitating a variety of holistic healing modalities such as; yoga, meditation, sound healing, hypnosis, life coaching, tarot readings, aura photography, and more. These tools and techniques will assist you discovering self and to awaken your higher self within. The workshops and classes we offer within this retreat will leave you feeling refreshed, calm, and balanced.

"Feel the bond of sisterhood, as there is nothing stronger than women who support women!"


Location: TBA

Maximum 5 People Per Group | All Healthy Meals & Snacks Provided


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Arrival Date:


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CALL: (928)-554-1924 OR


$1,249.50 if (50% Deposit) Required At Sign Up Rest Of Payment Due Upon Arrival | Payment Plans Available



Alison Gloria | Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist at Women's Wellness Retreat in Sedona, AZ

Alison is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, & Intuitive Tarot Card Reader. Alison's Group Hypnosis/Guided Meditation will consist of breath work, frequency sound healing, positive suggestions, and healing affirmations. This meditation will release any emotions, thoughts, or feelings that may be stuck in the body, mind, or spirit; focusing on womb healing and trauma release therapies. Alison's life coaching one-on-one sessions will consist of worksheets and questions to help you discover how to heal in certain areas in your life. Her tarot card readings are practical, psychological, and helpful in navigating through life's questions about career, finances, relationships, and more.


| Goddess Awakening Retreat in Sedona, Arizona

Cheshire is a Professional Herbalist, Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, and Women's Lifestyle Empowerment Coach. Cheshire will be facilitating a Yoni Steam Bath; healing the reproductive system with the use of organic herbs, flower blossoms, and essential oils. She will also be facilitating a sound healing and tea ceremony with the use of crystal healing bowls, didgeridoos, nepalese bowls, gong, shakers, along with aromatherapy and meditation. Cheshire will also be teaching an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga class next to the creek.



    Please make sure to bring hiking clothing, yoga clothing, warm clothes for the evening, and a long flowing skirt /dress that goes down to your feet for the yoni steam bath.
    This is an alcohol-free retreat. 

    Day 1

    Today we will be allowing travel time to the retreat center. We will all be able to sit down, connect, and enjoy each others company before we embark on this journey to self-realization, finding balance, and healing. We will enjoy a nightcap with cacao around a fire.


    day 2

    Today we will focus on connecting within the body, mind, and communing with nature. Todays activities include Hiking, Tarot Card Readings, and Guided Meditation. Hiking will be moderate in the beautiful oak creek canyon of Sedona, crossing creeks with views of red rocks and a lush forest landscape. Tarot Card Readings will be done 1-1. Tarot Readings will offer clarity, insight, and answers about self and different areas in life. The Guided Meditation will assist in relaxing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit. 


    Guided Meditation

    Psychic Tarot Readings


    day 3

    Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga will be facilitated next to the creek. Yoni Steam Baths are great for vaginal health, pain, mensuration, along with many other added health benefits. The Tea Ceremony and Sound Bath Healing will take you into a healing, relaxing, meditative journey. 1-1 Life Coaching sessions will help bring awareness around certain life areas that include interactive worksheets and answering questions about certain life areas. The Aura Photography shows your aura color, personality traits, and characteristics. It will also teach you how to heal, clear, and manage your chakras.



    Tea Ceremony, Sound Bath, & Yoni Steam

    Aura Photography

    day 4

    Today you will be able to relax, get a massage, and do as you wish before leaving the lodge.


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