Madison Morgan | Psychic Reader & Certified Medium

Madison Morgan | Certified Psychic Medium Sedona, Arizona | Green Witch Creations


"Thoughts Become Things, Choose The Good Ones"

30 Minutes: $149

1 Hour: $300

Available Via Phone or At Her Private Office Location

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  • Services: Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Astrology, Numerology, Psychometry, & Human Design.
  • Abilities:  Clairvoyant: Seeing Pictures From the Past, Present, and Future. Medical Intuitive.
  • Topics:  Career, Money, and Health.
  • Tools: A regular standard deck of cards, which is a mathematical correlation to your birthday. 


Your sessions will leave you with tremendous insight into your soul's evolution and purpose. By Phone, Madison knows you are coming! Using her extraordinary gifts and talents, Madison has been practicing her clairvoyance for over 30 years. She is a graduate at Delphi University, GA, where she received her certification in Mediumship from the Holy Order Of The Dove. Madison has traveled worldwide to study with some of the finest healers and psychics, including Patricia Hayes, founder of Delphi University, among others.

Numerous TV & Radio Appearances

  • Legend Hunters (Originally Aired 11/06/06 & Continuously Airing)
  • EcheppeesBells - France (Aired: 9/16/07) Dead Lined
  • Rounders Radio
  • Pumped on Poker with Forrest and Wolfie (Aired Monthly)


Private Psychic Investigation

  • Find Lost Items
  • Making Sure Business and Locations Are In Alignment With You
  • Cheating Spouses