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Owner/Psychic Reader/Clinical Hypnotherapist

Alison Gloria is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Ccht), Intuitive Reader, Palm Reader, and is Certified in Holy Fire Reiki. She is a green witch, which is someone who practiced earth based spirituality. She has been practicing Hypnotherapy for 3 years and has been performing tarot card readings for about 5 years. Alisons readings are practical, useful, and insightful. She is very passionate about exceeding your expectations and she loves to help people. Alison Also offers hypnotherapy for people who are stressed or struggling with life; to be more relaxed, at ease, and peaceful. So they can live happy, free, fulfilling, lives. She will help you discover balance in mind, body, and spirit and help you achieve total freedom in your life. She provides the highest quality of personal care and she'll work tirelessly to discover the root cause of your issues. You will always leave her presence with a plan of action and a clear mind. If you work with her, she promises that she will help make your dreams a reality. She uses NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming), psychology, guided imagery, and healing visualization techniques. Change your mind, change your life. Alison also has many handmade creations available for sale at the store location and online.

Featured In Phoenix, Arizona Voyage Magazine

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 Alison has worked at many events, gatherings, and more. She is available for readings in the store, over the phone, or for parties and events.

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Katherine Chance Psychic Reader At Green Witch CreationsKATHERINE CHANCE
Psychic Reader/Reiki Practitioner/Wellness Professional
Katherine is a clairvoyant intuitive empath who has 15+ years of experience. She has also been practicing White Witch (Ban-Druidh) for over 20 years. Her practice is strongly rooted in Celtic Druid Traditions and Irish Lineage. She has a passion for continuing education and studies of all things involving: organized religion, ancient civilizations, and the world of metaphysics. She uses her gifts of clairvoyance, clauiraduience, clairsentience, and mediumship, and Usui Reiki to assist clients with all types of energy healing and clearing. One of her greatest joys is teaching others how to discover and implement their own spiritual gifts. Katherine also has handmade items available in the shop for sale, she makes jewelry, magic spell candles, and more.

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Amanda Bebee Psychic Reader at Green Witch Creations in Sedona, ArizonaAMANDA GRACE
Psychic Reader/Spiritual Advisor/Charm Caster

Amanda Grace is a natural born witch and psychic. It her purpose to guide and present through her clairsentiant gift as well as communicate with any guides who are called upon or visiting.  She been performing services for over 10 years. As well as with her natural born intuition, she also offer charm casting that is similar to casting runes, but with more of a modern approach.  Tarot readings and medicine cards are wonderful tools as well to recieve information and about life’s inquiries. Amanda specialize in relationships, parenting, travel plans, animal behavior, and people who have left this earth.  Career choices, finances, childhood traumas, and memories are also gifts that have come to her in readings. It is her pleasure to assist you in any way that presents itself in any way that she can.  Many blessings. Love & Light

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