Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck


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Product Description

Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck - Illuminate Your Path

Unleash the power of the divine feminine with the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck. This beautiful 44-card deck is created by the renowned spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue, and features stunning artwork on each card. With this deck, you'll be guided by powerful goddesses from around the world as you navigate your spiritual journey.


  • 44 beautifully illustrated oracle cards
  • Created by world-renowned spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue
  • Guidebook is available for download
  • Box size: 4x3 inches
  • Free shipping

Why Choose the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck?

This deck is not just a tool for divination, but a powerful way to connect with the divine feminine energy that resides within all of us. Here's why you should choose the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck:

  • Each card features stunning artwork that captures the essence of the goddess it represents, making it easy to connect with the energy of each goddess.
  • The guidebook provides in-depth explanations of each card, as well as guidance on how to use the deck for divination and manifestation.
  • With 44 cards, this deck offers a wide range of guidance and inspiration for all areas of your life.
  • Free shipping means you can start working with your deck right away, without any extra costs.

Whether you're a seasoned oracle card reader or just starting out on your spiritual journey, the Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck is a powerful tool for illuminating your path and connecting with the divine feminine.


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